It’s been fun...

As of Feb. 1 2008, ComicSubz.com will cease operations. This is something that we were hoping that would not happen, but decisions had to be made, and we made them.

Thanks to everyone that contributed with feedback and the kind words every once and a while. We had a blast putting this tool together for you, and we hope you enjoyed it.

If you have any questions, we can be reached at: comicsubz@gmail.com.



Thanksgiving and Wizard World Texas! Whew!

We hope Thanksgiving was good for all of you. We at ComicSubz HQ laughed, chatted and enjoyed (too much) turkey with friends and family. It was a nice kick off to the holidays.

But before any bird was carved, we got back from Wizard World Texas where we had a good spot in artist alley. That was really exciting for me personally since I was sitting right in front of Michael Golden, and next to him Hurberto Ramos. To my right was Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn. And there I was, doing free sketches and telling anyone who will listen about ComicSubz.

I did 30+ sketches and handed out over 300 business cards to passersby.

If you were at the show and said hi, it was nice to meet you and I hope you are enjoying the application. If you weren’t at the show, sign up for a free account and start managing your pull list. You know you wanna. . .

Attached are some pics from the show. I didn’t go too crazy with the pictures since I was either talking someone’s ear off or nose deep in a sketch.

Which brings me to a little post thanksgiving giveaway. What are we giving away? Well since I am still loose from all that sketching at WWTX, I am going to draw a sketch for the first 5 ComicSubz users that leave a comment on this post. Leave a comment, and what you want me to sketch. This is open until I make the next blog post which will announce the 1st ever ComicSubz.com contest. We will be giving something AWESOME away. I want to keep it, but I got it specifically for this contest. Doh!

So with that said, get your comments in and I will get sketching.

More soon.


New Feature: Your New Comics RSS Feed

We just added a new feature to the customer section of the application. We have added a RSS feed to every customer account that displays the comics that are shipping that week that are on your subscription.

The feed is updated every Monday afternoon.

Let me know if you have any problems. More updates are on their way.



Be my friend on Pownce


I recently got an invite for Pownce and I have a few to distribute. Wanna be my friend, just leave a comment. Also if you signed up for ComicSubz, left feedback, and told your retailer about it, I wouldn't mind that either. :)

More Soon.



A Qucik Poll

I am finishing up the listings for September and they seem to be getting longer and longer. It seems that processing the independent comics takes 3 times longer than top publishers.

So I had a thought. What if I cut the independents and made the "add an item" option more robust.

What do you think? This poll is about independents and how many you subscribe to. If you have any other comments about this, please let me know.



New New New Discussion Board

I have been swamped with spam accounts over at the current ComicSubz forums. So much so that I cannot manage to keep track of the real accounts versus the spam ones.

So I am going to try to do something a little different.

Come on over and check out our new Google Group for ComicSubz here. Sign up and let me know what you think of the updates we are making with the app.

More soon.



August Listings and More!

August listings are finally up. I promise it won't take this long in the future. It is a combo of getting them done and waiting for a few features to be released.

On an application front, we are squashing bugs left and right. I have gotten email from a few of you when you get an application error. I appreciate that, but I have it set up to when you get an error, I get an email about your error. So I have a lot of emails. Luckily, we are identifying the problems and fixing them as they come.

We still have a bit of work ahead of us, but we are moving fast, and a full fledged app is right around the corner.

Also, we are still looking for retailers that want to take the retailer side of the app for a spin. Shoot us an email if you are interested.

More soon.

Best, Hal!


New Beta is ALIVE!!!!

The new beta app is live with new features and snappier performance. Have a look!

Expect August listings to be added this weekend and starting this week... weekly shipments will be displayed. So what you have subscribed to, if it ships this week, you will see it when you log into ComicSubz! Also, when we upload this weeks comics, you can get an email update. This leads us to the new settings we just introduced.

If you go to your Account Settings, there are 2 checkboxes:
Receive periodic newsletters - When checked, you will receive emails when we have application updates or something important related to ComicSubz or the service.
Receive e-mails with shipping updates - This is covered above.

Those are just 2 of the new things that are up there.

We are still in beta, which means, if you see something wrong, or something breaks, or you see a place where we can improve things, let us know! You can get in touch with us on the forums or via email at hello [at] comicsubz.com.

1 last thing before I get back to getting working on August listings, We are looking for retailers to test drive the retailer portion of the application. Are you a retailer? Shoot us an email and we can get you set up. If you are not a retailer, tell your retailer to contact us and we will get them all set up.


August Listings

Hi All,

I am working on getting August listings into the system.

Expect them to be in there in the next few days. Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to roll out the new listings with the super improved app I am rolling out at the same time. . . wait, I think I have shared too much!!

Expect some big changes towards the end of the week!!!



Is it friday already?!?

I am sorry for not posting lately. I have been very busy with a lot of things. We are getting close to posting a beta app update. This will be a release candidate for the big launch.

With that said, we will be unveiling the retailer side of the app soon. Any retailers out there? Want to help beta test the retailer app? Let me know - hello@comicsubz.com.

More soon!


New Feature Friday -- Part 2

Well, it is that time of the week again. New Feature Friday!

First an update on the next release of the application. Optimization is done!!! The app is fast fast fast. We are wrapping on all the new features. And we should be testing the app fully next week! Super excited!!!

So that is that. Now lets get on with it.

Customer Account New Feature
Search All Comics
Are you looking for a certain comic, but can't find it with intertwined in the other comics? Or you are looking for that indy book you heard about on Newsarama, but you forgot who published it? Worry not!!! Simply enter the name of the comic, a word that is in the comic, or a few letters of the comic name you are looking for in the search field and all books that have that search information in it will be displayed.

Retailer Account New Feature
Invite Customers to your Store
As a retailer, you signed up for a retailer account. So how do you get customers to your store? If your customers have an account with ComicSubz, simply invite them with the Invite a Customer feature. All you need is their name and email address. When you enter that, an invite will be sent to that customer, and if they accept, bam! New customer to your storefront.

But what if the customer does not have an account with ComicSubz. You can still invite a customer by entering their name and email address. They will be sent a invite to create an account with ComicSubz and and invite your store front.

I know what you are thinking. . . what if a customer doesn't have an account with ComicSubz AND has not way to manage an account if they had one. Fear not! We have thought of that as well. On top of inviting new customers to your storefront, there is also a feature called Create a Customer. This gives the retailer full control of a customers subscription if they don't have a means to manage it themselves. All information that is in subscriptions that users manage and subscriptions that the retailer manages will all be pooled into 1 source.

Well, that is it for New Feature Friday. If you have any questions, leave a comment or join our forums and post over there.

More soon!


New Feature Friday!!!

Well we are burning and churning over here. Things are looking really good!

Since it will be a few weeks since we pull back the cover on this thing, I wanted to announce a new feature from now until that day we launch.

The new feature is called, New Feature Friday!!!

Every Friday I will share a new feature on both the Customer side and Retailer side of the application. Sound cool? Lets get started.

New Customer Feature
Weekly Email Subscription Notifications
Would you like to know at the beginning of the week what comics are shipping this week that are on your subscription? Well you got it!

You now have the option to receive email subscription notifications at the beginning of every week.



New Retailer Feature
View all your Customers Monthly Orders
So you have all of your customers pooled. What about their monthly orders? Do I have to go through all of their subs to pull what they do and don't want? Nope!

All your customers subscription details are all added up and presented to you on 1 screen. Even the special orders. Handy? Maybe. Freaking cool? Indeed!!!

So there you have it. Let me know what you think.

Definitely more soon.



Update on the Application

Well, we have been signing new members left and right. That has been. . . what is the word I am looking for? AWESOME!!!!

I am also very excited about the next release of the application. Some really awesome features for customers and the unveiling of the retailers section of the application. It is coming together nicely.

I am still thumbing through a few features that will be implemented into the application. If you have an idea that we should consider, head over to the forum and let me know what it is.

More soon. . . Very soon.



What a day!!!!!

Did you notice the nice things Josh from Comicspace had to say about ComicSubz?


Well, his good words secured us a TON of new sign ups, and it has only been less than 1 day!

Thanks Josh.

On the ComicSubz front, we are coming close to the end of our beta. That means that we are DEFINTILY going forward finishing the app and incorporating a few new features for the version 1.0 release. More on that as the release date draws nearer.

Have any comments or recommendations? Share them with us at our forums.

Until next time. -Hal!


New New Forums

Got rid of the old ones. If you are a fan of message forums, the new solution may be more to your liking. . . So post away. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

ComicSubz.com Forums

More soon.