New Feature Friday -- Part 2

Well, it is that time of the week again. New Feature Friday!

First an update on the next release of the application. Optimization is done!!! The app is fast fast fast. We are wrapping on all the new features. And we should be testing the app fully next week! Super excited!!!

So that is that. Now lets get on with it.

Customer Account New Feature
Search All Comics
Are you looking for a certain comic, but can't find it with intertwined in the other comics? Or you are looking for that indy book you heard about on Newsarama, but you forgot who published it? Worry not!!! Simply enter the name of the comic, a word that is in the comic, or a few letters of the comic name you are looking for in the search field and all books that have that search information in it will be displayed.

Retailer Account New Feature
Invite Customers to your Store
As a retailer, you signed up for a retailer account. So how do you get customers to your store? If your customers have an account with ComicSubz, simply invite them with the Invite a Customer feature. All you need is their name and email address. When you enter that, an invite will be sent to that customer, and if they accept, bam! New customer to your storefront.

But what if the customer does not have an account with ComicSubz. You can still invite a customer by entering their name and email address. They will be sent a invite to create an account with ComicSubz and and invite your store front.

I know what you are thinking. . . what if a customer doesn't have an account with ComicSubz AND has not way to manage an account if they had one. Fear not! We have thought of that as well. On top of inviting new customers to your storefront, there is also a feature called Create a Customer. This gives the retailer full control of a customers subscription if they don't have a means to manage it themselves. All information that is in subscriptions that users manage and subscriptions that the retailer manages will all be pooled into 1 source.

Well, that is it for New Feature Friday. If you have any questions, leave a comment or join our forums and post over there.

More soon!

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