New Feature Friday!!!

Well we are burning and churning over here. Things are looking really good!

Since it will be a few weeks since we pull back the cover on this thing, I wanted to announce a new feature from now until that day we launch.

The new feature is called, New Feature Friday!!!

Every Friday I will share a new feature on both the Customer side and Retailer side of the application. Sound cool? Lets get started.

New Customer Feature
Weekly Email Subscription Notifications
Would you like to know at the beginning of the week what comics are shipping this week that are on your subscription? Well you got it!

You now have the option to receive email subscription notifications at the beginning of every week.



New Retailer Feature
View all your Customers Monthly Orders
So you have all of your customers pooled. What about their monthly orders? Do I have to go through all of their subs to pull what they do and don't want? Nope!

All your customers subscription details are all added up and presented to you on 1 screen. Even the special orders. Handy? Maybe. Freaking cool? Indeed!!!

So there you have it. Let me know what you think.

Definitely more soon.



tomsaville said...

yes!!! So when do I receive my subscription notification? Monday? Tuesday? Wednesday?

If I had to choose, I would choose Tuesday. Anyone else?

Samarcand said...

Tuesday would be good for me as well!

comicsubz said...

Tomorrow is only a day away. . .