Thanksgiving and Wizard World Texas! Whew!

We hope Thanksgiving was good for all of you. We at ComicSubz HQ laughed, chatted and enjoyed (too much) turkey with friends and family. It was a nice kick off to the holidays.

But before any bird was carved, we got back from Wizard World Texas where we had a good spot in artist alley. That was really exciting for me personally since I was sitting right in front of Michael Golden, and next to him Hurberto Ramos. To my right was Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn. And there I was, doing free sketches and telling anyone who will listen about ComicSubz.

I did 30+ sketches and handed out over 300 business cards to passersby.

If you were at the show and said hi, it was nice to meet you and I hope you are enjoying the application. If you weren’t at the show, sign up for a free account and start managing your pull list. You know you wanna. . .

Attached are some pics from the show. I didn’t go too crazy with the pictures since I was either talking someone’s ear off or nose deep in a sketch.

Which brings me to a little post thanksgiving giveaway. What are we giving away? Well since I am still loose from all that sketching at WWTX, I am going to draw a sketch for the first 5 ComicSubz users that leave a comment on this post. Leave a comment, and what you want me to sketch. This is open until I make the next blog post which will announce the 1st ever ComicSubz.com contest. We will be giving something AWESOME away. I want to keep it, but I got it specifically for this contest. Doh!

So with that said, get your comments in and I will get sketching.

More soon.

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