August Listings and More!

August listings are finally up. I promise it won't take this long in the future. It is a combo of getting them done and waiting for a few features to be released.

On an application front, we are squashing bugs left and right. I have gotten email from a few of you when you get an application error. I appreciate that, but I have it set up to when you get an error, I get an email about your error. So I have a lot of emails. Luckily, we are identifying the problems and fixing them as they come.

We still have a bit of work ahead of us, but we are moving fast, and a full fledged app is right around the corner.

Also, we are still looking for retailers that want to take the retailer side of the app for a spin. Shoot us an email if you are interested.

More soon.

Best, Hal!

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